Research and Security

At WeFeel, we don’t just like science; we LOVE  science and all the things that go with it (data collection, measurements, hypothesis, testing…). That’s why we built in the ability to share your data with researchers from the very beginning. We know that sharing your feelings can be scary sometimes, so we’ve made that easier to do by making it completely anonymous.

 But can it really be anonymous? Yep, here’s how:

– First your identifying information is always encrypted in a way that we can’t see any of it. Only you, and people you have authorized to share your data with, can see that your information belongs to you because only your devices know the decryption key (that sentence you entered the first time you logged in – so don’t forget it).

– Then we make it even more anonymous-er by removing anything that can identify you. We start with any journal entries you have made. We want you to feel free to enter anything you want that will help with your emotional journey.

– Now that the journal entries are gone we then make it so nobody knows who you are based on where you made your entries. But wait, doesn’t science want to know about location? Yeah, science likes location data so we keep part of it – just enough to know your general vicinity, not your exact address.

For example you would need this many digits to find the exact location of the Rose Garden at the White House: Latitude: 38.8975262 Longitude: – 77.0370615

But if you take away most of the digits after the decimal point so it looks like this: Latitude: 38.89 Longitude: -77.03 you can only know it is somewhere in Washington DC. And that is what we do to your GPS data (if you have it enabled).

– Once your information can’t be tracked back to you a copy of it gets saved on the research server when you say that you like science too. You can update that in your settings at any time.

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