How We Built It (Our Tech)

Microsoft’s Cloud

The WeFeel service is built on top Microsoft Azure, which allows us to do some really cool stuff. One of the biggest issues we face when trying to build technology with the purpose of helping as many people as possible is delivering that in as many ways possible, while still keeping costs reasonable. Microsoft’s Azure platform allows us to make it so you can track your emotions, moods, and goals regardless of what device you have available. It’s because of this that you can add an entry on your Android phone while you are out and about, later in the day sit down at your Windows desktop and review your logs, and then meet with a family member, social worker, life coach or with whomever you’ve shared your journal and then can pull it up on their iPad to review how you’ve been.

The reason we’ve taken this approach is that we aren’t about what tech you prefer to use, we are about helping each person in a way most comfortable to them. For us, partnering with Microsoft makes that possible.

Tech-y Stuff

For those tech geeks out there, here’s a bit more detail. We write our code in C# and rely on Xamarin to allow us to build apps for iOS and Android.  All data is stored in Microsoft’s newly released DocumentDB in JSON format. To keep things secure we use Azure Mobile Services for authentication via Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft accounts.  No one can access the data without authentication.  We’re also a bit paranoid about securely hosting your personal data.


We are building support for wearable devices as well.  The first we will be supporting is the Microsoft Band.  Right now we feel that is the best tool out there for capturing physical data that is relevant to a person’s emotional state.  We have plans to support other devices as well.  Since the technology for these devices is rapidly changing a lot of what we do will depend on how easily we can integrate it into our code, which usually depends on the manufacturer of the device to create a way for us to talk to it.  If there’s a specific device you’d like to see supported let us know, or you could always send us a few of them to play with…

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