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At WeFeel, we don’t just like science; we LOVE science and all the things that go with it (data collection, measurements, hypothesis, testing…). A core mission for WeFeel is to help everyone understand emotion; from the individual who wants to make their life better to parents who want to connect with and help their kids to researchers who want to answer the question “Why?”. With the help of modern technology as we help individuals we can also help everyone by accumulating the data that researchers need to find answers. In the modern age the accumulation of big data has given research scientists the ability to find answers that could only be theorized about before.

But the data has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is individuals like you. As you enter in your emotions to help yourself you are also helping everyone; provided you set up your options to share your data with researchers. If you are someone who as been asking “Why?” you can request access to the data.

Along with loving science, research, and technology we are avid sci-fi fans who have read about the scary things that can happen when technology goes awry. So that means we love security too.

Modern technology provides the basis for the WeFeel mental wellness app. If you’re interested in knowing more about how WeFeel was built, check out Our Technology.

Along with all the cool things that modern technology can do, it also provides a way to keep our data secure. Find out how we protect your information and how we keep it anonymous for research.

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