Pay it Forward

WeFeel is committed to bringing technology to the mental health space at an affordable price. But, we’ve heard concerns regarding people who can’t afford WeFeel at any price. We know that it can be hard to add a subscription to a budget that is already strained. So we are introducing a pay it forward program to pay it forward.

It works like this:

For every subscription that is bought, WeFeel will donate a free subscription. These subscriptions will be given out through community organizations and institutions. We are currently in talks with some local organizations to be distribution points for the pay it forward program.  If you know of a local organization that would be a good fit, please have them contact us.

Community Partners:

Coming soon, you’ll be able to see where our customers are Paying it Forward.

Pay it Forward Subscriptions distributed:

Curious to know how  many times WeFeel and our subscribers have paid it forward? As the program moves forward, we will make periodic updates to let you know how many “pay it forward” subscriptions are available for distribution and how many have been distributed.

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