Why Use WeFeel

Emotion tracking and journaling are tools that doctors, therapists, and others concerned about emotional wellness have used for a long time. WeFeel brings emotional tracking and journaling into the 21st century. While there is an inherent benefit for your clients to journal and track emotion in a paper journal, there are additional benefits if they use WeFeel:

  • Emotion tracking and journaling on their smartphone, the one item they are likely to have or keep with them all of the time
  • Reminders throughout the day at random or specified times to record their emotions
  • Reporting tools that give you “at a glance” insights into your clients including:
    • Discussion Points – highlights the highest and lowest outlook as well as the most intensely recorded core emotions. As the name suggests, these are the things you will want to discuss with your clients.
    • Outlook Trend and Core Emotion Summary – provide a quick overview of your clients outlook and emotions over time.
    • Core Emotion Trends and Custom Emotion Trends – bar graphs show the combination of emotions and a quick tap will show the note associated with that entry.
    • Note and Journal Themes – unlock the notes made with emotion tracking entries and journal entries. Instead of trying to access what your clients write about by using session time reading through their journals or notes, a word cloud summary shows you what they are writing about the most often.
  • Filters are one of the most powerful features in WeFeel. With filters you can:
    • Determine the number of entries to search through, up to 180 to see a narrow scope or long-term trends
    • Limit entries to specific situations, locations, or activities to pinpoint scenarios that are specific to each client (see our suggested scenario profiles for suggestions)
  • Adheres to the ASPECTS framework for evaluating mental health apps
    • Actionable – collects data and provides it in a way that is clinically useful
    • Secure – secure data centers and login requires authentication with a trusted provider
    • Professional – meets the legal and ethical standards for privacy
    • Evidence-based – helps make collecting evidence easy and intuitive
    • Customizable – a variety of features that you can work with your clients to customize
    • Transparent – WeFeel is open about our technology and how data is collected, stored, and sharedFind out more about the ASPECTS framework and how WeFeel fit within this framework from it’s inception.


If you are interested in using WeFeel with your clients find out more about what WeFeel will do for you, or check out the Quick Start Guide.

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