Care Providers

WeFeel loves working with all kinds of mental wellness care providers and we want to make it easy for you to use WeFeel with your clients. If you are not already familiar with WeFeel, check out our overview that explains Why you should Use WeFeel.

First, we want to make sure you don’t feel like you have to sell WeFeel to your clients. Like any other tool you use in your practice, WeFeel is there to make sessions easier and progress quick and lasting. Asking a client to use WeFeel should feel just like asking them to buy a journal to write in or fill a prescription for medication.

Quick Start Guide
Technology is the best friend for some and intimidating to others, so incorporating WeFeel into your practice can feel a little overwhelming. However, if you already use journals and emotion tracking with your clients once you get started you will find that WeFeel can add new depth to your sessions with clients. To make it easy, WeFeel has a “Quick Start Guide” that you can download or read online that will help you get started. For more ideas on how to use WeFeel in your practice, check out How to Use WeFeel as a Care Provider (coming soon).

Get the Quick Start Guide: Download a PDF to print | View PDF online | Go to the Quick Start Guide

Client Cards
WeFeel will provide you with cards you can give to clients that explain how to get WeFeel on their device. On the back of the card you can include an email address so your client can share data with you and make suggestions for custom items you would like your clients to track. Use the form provided below to request client cards from WeFeel or you can download a file to print them yourself.

Client Cards: View PDF online | Download print PDF | Request Client Cards online

How to Use WeFeel as a Care Provider (coming soon)
We have some ideas for the best ways to use WeFeel in your practice. As more care providers begin using WeFeel, we want to hear from you and share your stories and suggestions for the best ways of using WeFeel with clients. Here you will also find some suggested scenario profiles that will help you use WeFeel filters to identify triggers or situations that affect your clients so you can start working on them. And we will be including some ideas of what you can ask clients to track in the custom icons for various client profiles.

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