What do you get from WeFeel?

A new way to track

WeFeel is a new way to track emotions and journal to provide you a way to connect who, what, and where with how you are feeling.

On all your devices

Use WeFeel on your phone, your tablet and your computer to enter how you feel.


View charts and graphics that show the relationships between your emotions and a variety of other points you entered.


Share how you are feeling with a therapist, care provider, friend, or loved one to get help and support on your emotional wellness journey.

A seamless experience

The application is built to give you a seamless experience across all your devices. It is available for Windows phone, Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets.

From our Hearts and Heads


Visualization to let you see what you feel

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In the world of emotions what you feel right now colors what you remember you felt before. And that’s ok — it is just how the human mind works. Usually this doesn’t cause too much difficulty, until you are trying to work through a complex emotional problem on your own or with a therapist, or

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Security – Your information locked up tight

Emotion and journal entries can be very sensitive information. For the same reason we say “I’m fine” to most people, when we really are not, we don’t want notes, journal entries or emotion logs to fall into random hands. Security has been important to WeFeel from day one, and it exists on two sides: your

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Data in the cloud means it’s everywhere you are

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WeFeel works WITH you and your life. This isn’t an additional thing to buy and keep with you; WeFeel works on the smartphone, tablet, and (soon) desktop computer you already have. So you won’t need to worry about keeping track of or carrying one more thing, or upgrading another piece of technology (updates to WeFeel

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