What do you get from WeFeel?

A new way to track

WeFeel is a new way to track emotions and journal to provide you a way to connect who, what, and where with how you are feeling.

On all your devices

Use WeFeel on your phone, your tablet and your computer to enter how you feel.


View charts and graphics that show the relationships between your emotions and a variety of other points you entered.


Share how you are feeling with a therapist, care provider, friend, or loved one to get help and support on your emotional wellness journey.

A seamless experience

The application is built to give you a seamless experience across all your devices. It is available for Windows phone, Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets.

From our Hearts and Heads

“Who knew I was happy?”​

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 (or Evidence Driven Therapy- it’s hard to argue with facts.) One of our customers didn’t know he was happy. We’ll call him Bob. We’ll also make some of the facts a bit more generic, after all we want to maintain Bob’s privacy. Bob suffers from bi-polar disorder and has been in therapy to help him

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Not It!

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(Or the difficult case of monetizing mobile Mental Health Care Solutions) Get a crowd of people together and ask who should pay for mental health treatment, and the likely result is a race to see who can shout out “Not It!” the fastest. With the stigma that still exists around mental health some individuals can

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WeFeel: Therapist’s Toolbox vs. Therapy Substitute

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It’s hard to believe that it was almost two years ago that we came up with the idea for WeFeel. Despite there being hundreds of “mental health” apps already on the market we saw a huge hole that no one seemed to be interested in or willing to fill. Organizations have been racing to create

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