What do you get from WeFeel?

A new way to track

WeFeel is a new way to track emotions and journal to provide you a way to connect who, what, and where with how you are feeling.

On all your devices

Use WeFeel on your phone, your tablet and your computer to enter how you feel.


View charts and graphics that show the relationships between your emotions and a variety of other points you entered.


Share how you are feeling with a therapist, care provider, friend, or loved one to get help and support on your emotional wellness journey.

A seamless experience

The application is built to give you a seamless experience across all your devices. It is available for Windows phone, Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets.

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Introducing the latest addition to WeFeel – a toolbox with emotional tools you can use on your own or with a care provider. The toolbox was on our project map from the beginning and has been the most requested item as we’ve introduced WeFeel to therapists and care providers over the past few months. Take

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